The Oil Drop



Issue # 5

19 February 2018

An electronic newsletter designed to update members with the latest news and events of the society and to raise technical and professional awareness.




President Welcome Message: Abdulaziz Muhaidib


The Dhahran Geoscience Society is pleased to share with you the Fall 2017 issue of The Oil Drop, the first issue of the society’s quarterly newsletter. As we embark on commencing our program for the 2017/2018 term, one of our initial goals is to foster a greater sense of community and to improve communications and outreach.

Our team is keen to lead the society toward a year full of exciting events and activities, and continue to serve as a platform to exchange technical knowledge and promote professional development within our community. Our commitment to drive the society’s success even further is manifested through several programs, including young professional activities, technical meetings, workshops, courses, field trips, and a multitude of year-round events.





Meet the Team: 2017-2018 Elected Executive Committee


Led by the current DGS President, Abdulaziz Al Muhaidib, eleven elected members of the executive committee have assumed their duties for the current term (2017-2018) as follows:





DGS Field Trips Series





Field trips sponsored by DGS offer a unique opportunity for Geoscientists to experience geologic formation and environments nationally and abroad. The occasion allows for distinctive networking prospects and hands-on field experience in an industry that thrives in physical observation of environmental and geologic details. The trips allowed for an opportunity to explore the Al Wahbah Crater and Taif in Saudi Arabia, additionally a tour of Jordan allowing for an irreplaceable opportunity.


North of Ireland trip: During Eid al-Fitr, 20 Aramcons and ex-Aramcons attended the first DGS trip to the north of Ireland, to explore the geology and cultural history of the province. The week-long trip took in two world heritage sites, national parks and many sites of special scientific and historical interest. Despite its small size (c.100 miles from north to south and 120 miles from east to west), Northern Ireland boasts rock exposures from every geological time period, from Cambrian to Quaternary, and many of these were explored on the tour.


The Jordan trip: The Jordan field trip offered itself as an opportunity to view geologically familiar formations (Precambrian & Cambrian) to some of Saudi Aramco’s geologists. Coupled with a historically rich tour of one of the seven wonders of the world Petra which included a camping in Wadi Rum. The trip also included the chance of visiting the Dead Sea and Amman Jordan’s capital.


The Al Wahbah Crater & Taif Trip: The trip to Taif and the daylong visit to the Wahbah Crater allowed for an exceptional occasion. Following the arrival in Taif the group, consisting around 40-individuals organized a daylong trek into the heart of the 2-kilometer crater. The Wahbah crater is a site of a very strong volcanic blast leaving a giant 250ft pockmark. Following the long trek into the heart of the crater, the remainder of the weekend-long trip was spent in Taif and in the traditional souk, as well as a visit to a rosewater distillation factory, and a short visit to the local baboon population with the day rounded out at the Al Hada escarpment.










DGS Dinner and Technical Luncheon Meetings

Local and world renowned scientists and professionals are regularly invited to present their work and share their experiences at DGS Dinner Meetings and Technical Luncheons as part of the society’s mission to expand the knowledge of its members in the Oil and Gas Industry. DGS members and Professionals attend those meetings to gain an insight into significant industry relevant issues while simultaneously utilizing these unique opportunities to socialize and expand their professional network.


The DGS dinner meetings included a choice selection of keynote guests such as Mr. Jean-Jacques Bieau, President of the European Association of Geosciences and Engineers, covering relationships between petroleum sealing interval identification and pore pressure predictions. Another distinguished speaker is Mr. Craig Smith, the CEO of Dhahran Technology Development Company; who talked about Saudi Arabia’s Innovation Ecosystem Creating Value Under Vision 2030.


Three Technical Luncheons held over the past few months have opened the minds of the many attendees to a wide variety of exciting topics such as Micro-seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing, inverting the arrival of near-surface imaging; in addition to full waveform seismic modeling and inversion in complex media.












DGS YP Events


Distinguished professionals were invited to share their expertise in a variety of industry professions in order to inspire and motivate young professionals into visualizing their future. In the DGS YP Events, speakers often shed light on key entrepreneurial skills and techniques on staying focused and energized on tasks, as well as high value skills learned through years of experience in interesting careers that can be useful both inside and outside of the workplace.


An enlightening YP talk about taking initiative and staying energized was delivered by a key member of Saudi Aramco’s Human Energy Management Team Paul Burgess. Another inspiring talk was given by Mrs. Deena Al-Faris, Vice President of Al Faris Group of Industries; about her entrepreneurial journey to achieving the first exportation of caviar to the Russian Federation.


The entrepreneurship series aims to provide a venue for Saudi entrepreneurs to share their success stories to motivate our members. The primary goal is to introduce entrepreneurship and show case the different opportunities, inside of the company, to make a difference. DGS aims to inspire its members to attain a successful career through embracing creativity and innovation, as similar programs have delivered great results in other companies.




DGS Upstream Hackathon





Upstream Hackathon, jointly organized by EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) Young Research Committee and the Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS), was a unique experience where 18 multidisciplinary groups of Saudi Aramco employees were tasked with tackling industry-wide challenges identified by different upstream departments. The groups had two-and-a-half days to come up with conceptual theories and solutions to the presented challenges.


A Hackathon, is an event where industry challenges are presented and where industry professionals come together to find creative solutions. This year’s Hackathon, the first of its kind in Saudi Aramco, was a resounding success. The competition consisted of 80 Saudi Aramco young professionals from 9 Upstream Departments and 4 Admin Areas confronting 12 different upstream challenges. “Introduced for the first time in Saudi Aramco, the Upstream Hackathon format is appealing and exciting,” said Mr. Ibraheem Assa’adan, vice president of Exploration. “With a focus on the young workforce and their energy, the Upstream Hackathon serves as a creative model to navigate complicated futures.”


The first day the groups were made and the challenges presented to the teams, where each team was then allowed to choose the challenge they found most interesting. The following day was one of brainstorming and preparation, where the teams came up with their solutions and organized their ideas to be made in presentable fashion. The final day, was where the teams presented their ideas and were judged by a panel of 26 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and were evaluated by the following criteria: Creativity, presentation skills, and the validity and feasibility of the solutions. The three teams with the highest scores were awarded and recognized by the Exploration VP Ibraheem Assa’adan.


Team 17 at first place: Fahd A. Almalki, Nour O. Baqader, Bashayer S. Aldakkan, and Bilel Hamzaoui from EXPEC ARC, who came up with a solution for improving recovery using responsive Nano-materials.

Team 1 at second place: Abrar A. Abbad and Abdulrahman A. Shuhail from EXPEC ARC, Noha H. Lababidi from Eastern Area Exploration Department, and Fatimah A. Alsinan from ETSD, who presented on automated core description and interpretation using artificial intelligence.

Team 11 at third place: Sultan S. Otaibi from Reservoir Description & Simulation Department, Mohammed K. Bassam, Raed R. Alruwaili, and Saud A. Alfadhel from EXPEC ARC, who presented on downhole water detection and inflow control in horizontal wells.


The event was a resounding success creating a platform of ideas, as well as, an exclusive experience for all the contributing parties; the upstream departments, the YP participants, as well as the spectators departing the year with a sentiment of hope and optimism for the future.





DGS Annual Winter Campaign


Every year, thousands of families fear they will not be able to secure winter supplies when the extreme cold sets in.  DGS Young Professionals Team reinvented the winter campaign this year with practical yet creative and meaningful ways to carry out this campaign. The smile they put on the faces of those families was DGS’s greatest reward, and the renewed hope they were left with meant everything.


On January 3, 2018, DGS Young Professional Team in collaboration with Our Family Group organized a Winter Campaign to help those in need of winter supplies. In the campaign, the team donated 58 blankets, 16 heaters, 24 LuLu supermarket vouchers, flowers and letters written by DGs members. Our Family Group played a big role in reaching out to the families and providing support with the logistics.


The team met at a distribution point to pick up the donations and then deliver them to their assigned families. The team visited a total of 8 families in Al Thuqbah and Dammam. The donations, which contained blankets, heaters and gift vouchers, were wrapped as gifts and delivered with flowers and letters to the families







DGS Workshop Series




DGS offered Workshops in conjunction with exploration departments and other professional societies to enhance and further develop technical understanding of specific geologic techniques and software. Three reservoir characterization workshops were run in collaboration between Reservoir Characterization Department (RCD) and DGS, which focused on presenting the significant breakthroughs that RCD achieved during execution of its transformation process. A key significant development that was highlighted is the introduction of the 1D, 2D and 3D modeling workflows. These workshops were conducted in an interactive and an engaging manner, allowing the presenters and the audience to exchange ideas and identify areas for future workflow improvements.


DGS also organized in collaboration with the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts a workshop to review the current methodologies used for geological facies characterization and petrophysical rock type determination for both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. The outcomes of this workshop should help geoscientists and reservoir engineers improve their understanding of static geological modeling and dynamic reservoir simulation.






DGS Students Outreach



Part of The Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS) mission is to have an active role in the community, and as such school visits represent a vital element. Within the DGS, the student liaison section mission is to reach out to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia schools to raise geosciences and oil and gas exploration awareness.


One of the visits was to the “Gifted” Mawhba Program students, where DGS student section liaison Officer presented an overview covering the society roles and activities to familiarize students with the DGS.


In addition, three schools have been visited by our dear DGS volunteers. Two of those schools are female high schools in Al Hassa (Al Qarah High School & Al Rumaylah High School) and one male high school in Al Riyadh (Al Siddeq High School). Our volunteers, Abdullah Al Qasem and Zainab Abdulmohsen, took the students through a fun oil and gas exploration journey to understand the hydrocarbon generation and exploration.





DGS Crossword



1.     Largest oil company in the early 1900 's

2.     The first well drilled near Beaumont, Texas

3.     Chief Geologist of the first well drilled in Saudi Arabia



4.     Unit oil is measured in

5.     First well drilled in Saudi Arabia

6.     Oil-rig Worker



Text Box: (1) Standard Oil. (2) Spindletop. (3) Max Steineke. (4) Barrels. (5) Prosperity Well. (6) Roughneck




DGS Fun Facts


Reserved: 159 Liters


v Ancient Cultures used oil as a substance for binding materials and as a sealant for waterproofing various surfaces.


v Oil is measured in barrels, which is equal to 42 US gallons or 159 liters.


v Initially gasoline was viewed as a byproduct following the extraction of kerosene and often disposed of.


v Dr. Benjamin Siliman of Yale University analyzed a bottle of oil and said it would make an excellent source of light, setting the foundation for restructuring the industry for the next two centuries.




From The Editor’s Desk



Since it was founded in 1987, DGS has enriched its members with knowledge. DGS organized many events that facilitated continued growth among its members and young professionals. And since the first publication of the Oil drop was released on June 1990, more publications kept being released till this day. The last four releases of the Oil Drop were in the form of an e-newsletter, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly form. DGS publication committee would like to thank its contributors and loyal followers for their continuous support and constructive comments.





Membership Update



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For more enquiries about membership, please contact the membership liaison:







EXPEC ARC, Saudi Aramco Core Area, Dhahran

Emad A. Al-Hemyari

+966 13 873-1316

B-137, Floor 2, R-217









Upcoming Events, Announcements & Important Dates




DGS Technical Luncheon

21 February 2018

DGS Al-Hasa Safari Trip: An Adventure to the Yellow Lake

24 February 2018

DGS Wellness Series: Running for Fitness

27 February 2018

Febraury Dinner Meeting: SEG President

28 February 2018

SEG/DGS Workshop on New Advances in Quant. Seismic Res. Characterization

04-05 March 2018

DGS at GEO 2018

05-08 March 2018

March Dinner Meeting

20 March 2018

Technical Luncheon: Mark Zoback

02 April 2018

DGS/ARMA Workshop: The Role of Geomechanics in Stimulation

03-05 April 2018

Technical Luncheon: Eric Verschuur

10 April 2018




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