DGS Distinguished Lecturer Program DLP by Dr. Mohammed Alhussain May 3-6

  • Updated on : 19 May 2015

  Seismic Fracture CharacterizationDr.Mohammed Alhussain successfully completed his distinguished lecturer program (DLP) from May 3rd to May 5th, 2015 which was sponsored by Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS).  The main goal of the program is to share knowledge with local universities. Alhussain visited King Saud University, king Abdulaziz University and Taibah University and

Fundamentals of Rock Physics by Dr. Aiman Bakhorji

  • Updated on : 30 April 2015

DGS Distinguished Lecturer Program by Dr. Aiman Bakhorji onApril 12thDr. Aiman Bakhorji from Saudi Aramco has given a very informative lecture titled “Fundamentals of Rock Physics” to many students and faculty members at Taibah University.  DGS has received excellent feedback after the lecture and was asked to continue its support to the local

DGS Distinguished Lecturer Program by Dr. Mohammed Al Duhailan March 9-18

  • Updated on : 07 April 2015

Dr. Mohammed Al Duhailan from Saudi Aramco has given a very interesting lecturetitled “The Curious Case of Petroleum-Expulsion Fractures in Organic-RichShales: Genesis and Impact on Unconventional Pervasive Petroleum Systems” tostudents and faculty members of the local universities. Between the 9thand 18th of March of 2015, Dr. Al Duhailan visited King Saud University,king Abdulaziz University, Taibah University and King Fahad University of

Dynamic Reservoir Characterization and Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

  • Updated on : 22 February 2015

Dr. Thomas L. Davis presentation on dynamic reservoir characterization and permanent reservoir monitoring was well received with over 130 participants with various disciplines. Dr. Davis highlighted and emphasized the importance of integrating various technologies from different fields to better understand reservoirs.  Pouce Coupe Field was an example he used to describe the value of utilizing multicomponent seismic data in monitoring the changes in a reservoir.  One advantage