Dynamic Reservoir Characterization and Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

  • Updated on : 22 February 2015

Dr. Thomas L. Davis presentation on dynamic reservoir characterization and permanent reservoir monitoring was well received with over 130 participants with various disciplines. Dr. Davis highlighted and emphasized the importance of integrating various technologies from different fields to better understand reservoirs.  Pouce Coupe Field was an example he used to describe the value of utilizing multicomponent seismic data in monitoring the changes in a reservoir.  One advantage

Hierarchical seismic imaging: A multiscale approach

  • Updated on : 10 February 2015

Dr. Jean Virieux DGS luncheon presentation about the challenges of exploration seismology was well received by over 100 participants from various fields and companies.  Dr. Virieux touched on many interesting subjects such as the challenges and benefits of full-wave form inversion (FWI), scale separation for migration, and the impact of advancement of seismicimaging on Valhal reservoir development in Norway.  Full-waveform inversion parameterization applications and advanc

Red Sea Frontier: Embracing the Challenge

  • Updated on : 02 December 2014

Michael Zinger Manager of Red Sea Area Exploration Department will detail Saudi Aramco's experience in one of the true frontier areas of pre-salt exploration, the Red Sea. This event will be held at Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC) on December, 2nd, 2014 at 11:20 AM. Registration is restricted to Saudi Aramco Employees only.Red Sea Frontier, Embracing the Challenge is the first of the Upstream Talks coordinated by Upstream Information Center (UIC) and presented in co

Dr.Terry Engelder's enlightening speech about Marcellus Black Shale Play

  • Updated on : 15 October 2014

On October 14th 2014, we had a special guest speaker Dr.Terry Engelder enlighten us about The Middle Devonian Marcellus Black Shale Play, and it’s economically importance to world gas producers.  The Marcellus Field is over 900 km2 and is a stacked play.  To give you a perspective on the size, just imagine fly from Muscat to Kuwait.  Wow! Now that is a large field, and to think that it is a stacked play, which means that it is like an ice cream cake with many layers