Innovation Challenge

  • Updated on: 12 April 2017

The Young Professionals Section at Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS) gladly announces the beginning of the second Innovation Challenge. This challenge is a three-month period program that encourages young professionals to become more proactive in the working environment through addressing real present-day conflicts within the oil and gas industry. At the end of the three months, team members will complete their work, present the solution and implementation methods in the closing ceremony, which will be in May, 2017 (TBA).


The challenges and teams assigned are as following:



Encourage YPs to read and share technical articles to keep up with recent technological advances.

Team 1

Ibrahim Al Onazy

Abrar Abbad

Robert Smith

Ernesto Sandoval Curiel



 Optimize YPs onboarding time (Geo-train program efficiency, workflows for transition between train program and department’s selection, toolkit to help new hires navigate and find data).

Team 2                                                       Team 3

Hassan Al-Ismail


Hani Al Zahrani

Ghaith Al Shaia


Aun Ghaithi



Ali Al Otain



Rayan Kanfar


Strategies for better engagement with senior professionals: Well-defined YP mentorship program, specific for each department.


Team 4

Ahmad Awami

Ali Al Sinan

Bassam Al Shammari

Hassan Alfaraj



Adjust existing counterintuitive workflows and procedures: Classify and sort incoming and existing departmental databases (i.e. shared folder, petrel projects, cores and seismic data).


Team 5                                                  Team 6

Maitham Abbad


Ahmed Bakhsh

Mohammed Hakami


Hatim Gazaz

Nidal Qadous


Sara Al Barrak

Abdullah Jaafari





Adjust existing counterintuitive workflows and procedures: Improve communication channels between service departments and proponents to provide desired products and proper feedback, vice versa. (i.e. platform to advertise recent technologies and offered services, and prevent unused products).


Team 7                                                       Team 8

Abdullah al abdrabalnabi


Zaid Musallam

Nasser Al-Subaie


Jose Johnson

Abdullah Qasem


Mohammed Arfaj


For any further information, please contact the DGS-YP officer Yara Garoot (